Tommee Tippee Teat

Tommee Tippee Teat


  1. Medical-grade liquid silicone, soft and flexible.
  2. Pacifier size, shape, softness, breast-feeding methods are based on the mother’s breast effects design, let your baby experience the mother breast-like feel.
  3. Unique product design, suitable for children in different months.
  4. High tear strength, long-term bite resistance will not break.



Product Name: Silicone wide mouth Nipple
Product size: 60mm (diameter)
Product material: liquid silicone
Product color: transparent

Package included:
1 * Baby bottle nipple

Please choose the appropriate variant:
S nipple for 0-3 months
M nipple for 3-6 months
L nipple for 6+ months
Y shape nipple for 9+ months
+ shape nipple for 12+ months

Note: Non-original Puting.

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