Sugarscarf Hana Instant CottonPink ( with pineapple charm )

Sugarscarf Hana Instant CottonPink ( with pineapple charm )

Welcome New Madison!

  • Flowy Drape
  • Suitable for hot and humid weather
  • Adjustable snow cap up to 4 layers
  • No pin required for simple style
  • Light ironing
  • Criss cross snowcap with tie back

There are two types here for the new Hana!


Measurement  : 190 cm x 65 cm for shawl,  Inner Free Size with tie Back

Material : Korean Chiffon, Inner Cotton viscose

Shawl Version

Rememeber Madison? This version is for ladies who love to style. Be it turban, snood or just “selimpang” style, this fuss free Hana Instant is the new Sugarscarf madness!

Comes with inner snowcap that has tieback and no inner neck this time, so you won’t feel stuffy, this is a new and improved version of Madison!

In this tropical climate we live in! Getting a lightweight hijab with good coverage can be challenging but we believe we got you covered!

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