Portable Diaper Disposal Plastic Dispenser & Refill Rol Diaper Bag (Random Pick)

Baby Diaper Bag Dispenser is come with a ring holder that enable you to hang them on mummy bags, baby strollers and others. It is made with PP material.

The plastic can be refilled after it is used up by buying another roll of plastic bag and place in the dispenser to continue use them. This dispenser can make the user more easy when babies shit and pee in the diapers outdoors, you cant throw them away carelessly. Time for you to use diaper bags, and be civilised citizens.

Comes with 5 rolls refill bag


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• Made of plastic
• Easy to carry
• Easy to refill
• Keep the environment clean
• can be hung on stroller, mummy bags and more.
• standard or retractable

Come with a ring hook – Convenient to carry
Easy to refill – Clean up bag come rolled in the handy dispenser

Material : PP
Color: Random Pick
Size: 4*9.5CM

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