MORA Glow Moisturizer

MORA Glow Moisturizer

Beauty is skin deep, some say. But most people judge a book by its cover. Here comes MORA Glow Moisturizer to the rescue.


It's impossible to not care about your skin without moisturiser.​

Skin is a very delicate thing.

If you care it too much, you will fail.

If you don’t care at all, you will fail.

You must have moisturiser that is right for your skin.

MORA Glow Moisturiser can help you with that.

Just read through the benefits and testimonials below before you add to cart to continue.

It contains:

– Aqua
– White Oil
– Glyceryl Monostearate
– Caprylic Triglyceride
– Glycerine
– Shea Butter Extract
– Cetryl Dimethicone
– Stearic Acid
– Propylene Glycol
– Cucumber Extract
– Phenoxyethanol
– Carbopol
– Fragrance
– Titanium Dioxide
– Aloe Vera Extract
– Pitera Extract
– Collagen Extract
– Pearl Powder Extract & Vitamin E

Glow moisturizer is the best... tak oily, very ringan, I love the smell and I jadi rajin pakai pelembap walaupun at home. Jadi u think kerana tu, memang my skin texture improved. Kalau tak dulu, cukup tak suka pakai apa-apa kalau tak keluar.

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