Real Bubee Breast Pump

Real Bubee Breast Pump

Colour: White
Material: PP Silicone
Feeding Bottle Capacity: 150ML




Ant-sliding design – Adjusted for a few times and the bottle I now anti-sliding when using it
Anti-leak – Feeding bottle can be lock tightly to prevent milk leak
High imitation : Baby can accept easily because it is high imitation of nipple
High imitation of nipple : Baby can accept easily


Product Description

This Real Bubee electric breast pump(double) is made of environmental material and medical
silicone so that this product can be used safely. Beside of that, this product is also design with small
and light. It is same as an weight of orange. It use USB power supply, with this you may safe up the
space of electric plug by using laptop or maybe power bank to turn on the pump. 3D design make
massage more comfortable and the pump separate the milk and air flow to prevent milk backflow. It
is multi-functional as it can be used as a breast pump or feeding bottle. The bottle can be lock tightly
so that it can prevent the milk from leak.

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